BALTIC PITCHING FORUM 2014: Call for Short Film Projects

BALTIC PITCHING FORUM is a unique platform of networking and bringing the newest short film projects from the Baltics into the spotlight.
Forum invites to apply with your new short film project and have a chance to pitch it in front of international panel.

Application deadline –  5 September, 2014.

Baltic Pitching Forum will be held in Vilnius on 10-11 October during 9th International Short Film Festival “Vilnius Film Shorts”.

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2014 m., June 25 d.

Vilnius Film Shorts 2014: CALL FOR ENTRIES


2014 m., March 1 d.

Estonia triumphs at 2013 Baltic Pitching Forum

Held as part of the Vilnius Film Shorts, the Baltic Pitching Forum (taking place between 11th and 12th October) gathered filmmakers from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania to pitch their forthcoming projects to a panel of industry experts. The event of was organised by Lithuanian Shorts in association with 2Annas Short Film Festival in Latvia and Sleepwalkers Student and Short Film Festival in Estonia.

The Baltic Pitching Forum consisted of one-day pitching training and one-day pitching sessions of the selected projects alongside one-to-one meetings with film professionals from all over Europe. Nine projects were gathered at the Forum with the promise of one team being selected to go forward to take part in the prestigious Euro Connection pitching sessions at the forthcoming Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival in February 2014. During the two day session the Industry professionals – consisting of such luminaries as Laurent Crouzeix from Clermont-Ferrand and Sirkka Möller, coordinator of the Berlinale Talent Campus project development lab Doc Station – helped guide the attendees in both ideas about how to pitch projects and also with advice about how to move their short film projects further.

The pitch successfully selected to go Clermont-Ferrand was Edina Csüllögi´s film ‘The Butterfly-Man’, a project from Estonia.  Based on a short-story by Estonian author Mehis Heinsaar, the film promises to be a fantastic yet poignant tale of a man who explodes into butterflies every time he feels extreme emotion. The panellists and observers were impressed by its elements of magical realism and the passionate and humorous pitch from Csüllögi and her producer Kristo Jürmann.

Edina Csüllög, the director of The Butterfly Man said:

“I think each story has an own soul and energy. Each story has to be born and I believe that ‘The Butterfly Man’ wants to be born and we (meaning us and the story itself) had a great chance in the Baltic Pitch Forum to have a kickstart and be sure that this story has to be done. We got loads of good advice on how to make the story right and how to avoid it going wrong. I felt really good in the forum as I felt that each of the tutors, participants and panellists were listening to what you were saying and they were really helping. They were enthusiastic and very professional. I am proud and thankful to everybody who helped us and my special thanks go to Urmas Reisberg – the scriptwriter – and Mehis Heinsaar the writer of the original great short story on which the film is based.”

Other projects from Estonia taking part in the Baltic Pitching Forum 2013 were Marrti Helde´s film ‘Sin Is Silent’ and Reinis Kalvin´s film ‘He Took The Liquor But Left The Girl’

The aim of the Baltic Pitching Forum was to create a space where film directors and producers can present their short film projects in order to attract active European producers, TV commissioners, fund representatives, VoD programmers and distributors.  The forum also hoped to bring Baltic filmmakers – sometimes seemingly hidden away from the rest of their European colleagues – more to the attention of the industry in Europe.

Peter Murdmaa, Creative Director of Sleepwalkers said:

“We’re delighted that an Estonian project was selected to go on to Clermont-Ferrand – perhaps the biggest Short Film festival in the world today – and to represent Baltic filmmakers. But we’re even more delighted in being involved with a project that has managed to enthuse so many filmmakers from the Baltics. I saw a great number of filmmakers networking and coming away from the event with some great advice and brimming with ideas for the future. We look forward to seeing all the projects developing in the future while also planning how we can organise the next Baltic Pitching Forum and make it even bigger and better than last time,”

You can find out more information about the Baltic Pitching Forum – including full details of panelists and projects – at

2013 m., October 17 d.



THE CEMENT MIXER, director Liviu Sandulescu, Romania

Jury Comment: The tragic-comic film in a typical Romanian today’s wave style.



WELCOME AND…OUR CONDOLENCES, director Leon Prudovsky, Israel

Jury Comment: Welcome to the hell of immigration system…



ADRIFT, director Frederik Jan Depickere, Belgium, Colombia

Jury Comment: A simply and touching story with images.



ALDONA, director Emilija Škarnulytė

Jury Comment: A film that stay in your head and touch your heart.



PRIESTS, director Astutillo Smeriglia, Italy

Jury Comment:  For the courage to talk about the men in black..



 WOMMEN’S LETTERS, director Augusto Zanovello, France

Jury Comment: for the incredible work of animation and his poetry.



WHEN ONE STOPS, director Jenni Rahkonen, Finland

Jury Comment: Simply and touching (extra) ordinary animation film.



The main prizes* are established by


* Film post-production service packages for the new short film project

2013 m., October 15 d.

VILNIUS FILM SHORTS 2013: official selection of International Competition

International Short Film Festival VILNIUS FILM SHORTS is glad to announce a list of the films that have been selected for the International Competition:

50HZ / HUBERT, director Maik Schuster, experimental., 10 min., Germany
ADRIFT, director Frederik Jan Depickere, documentary, 9 min., Belgium/Columbia
ALDONA, director Emilija Škarnulytė, experimental, 13 min., Lithuania
ANNA AND JÉRÔME, director Mélanie Delloye, fiction, 20 min., France
ARUNDEL, director Konstantina Kotzamani, fiction, 18 min., Greece
BANDITS, director Antoine Giorgini, fiction, 17 min., France
BLACK SUN, director Benjamin Behaeghel, fiction, 22 min., France
BY YOUR SIDE, director Marcelo Caetano, fiction , 24 min.,  Brasil
DEAD END, director Tonia Mishiali, fiction, 15 min., Cyprus
DIPENDENZA, directors Panna Horváth-Molnár, Virág Zomborácz, animation, 13 min., Hungary
DREAM GIRL, director Oliver Schwarz, documentary, 21 min., Switzerland
ELLEN IS LEAVING, director Michelle Savill, fiction, 16 min., New Zealand
EARLY BIRDS, director Jeroen Bogaert, fiction, Belgium, United Kingdom
FIFTH FLOOR, director Marco Nick, animation, 8 min., Brazil
FOREIGNER, director Lucía Ferreyra, fiction, 18 min., Argentina
FOXES, director Lorcan Finnegan, fiction, 15 min., Ireland
FUCK FAIR PLAY,  director Adi Omanovic, Mak Omanovic, fiction, 9 min., Sweden
HATCH, director Christoph Kuschnig, fiction, 19 min., Austria, USA  
HEISENBERG’S UNCERTAINTY, director Richard Gérard, fiction,  17 min., Belgium
INA LITOVSKI, directors André Turpin, Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette, fiction, 11 min., Canada
INTRO, director Ivan Salatic, fiction, 24 min., Montenegro
JAMON,  director Iria López, animation, 8 min., United Kingdom
KARAOKE, director Ondrej Hudecek, fiction,  10 min., Czech Republic
KM, director Christos Nikou, fiction, 11 min., Greece
LASSEN, director Marie-Elsa Sgualdo, fiction,  15 min., France
LIFE, director Lasse Lorenzen, fiction,  2 min., Denmark
LIFE’S A BITCH (AND THEN YOU DIE), director Guillaume Noura, fiction, 23 min., France
LIGHT PLATE, director Joshua Gibson, documentary/experimental, 10 min., Italy
LIQUIDATION, director Matthias Zuder, fiction, 17 min., Germany
LOVE. LOVE. LOVE., director Sandhya Daisy Sundaram,  documentary, 11 min., India
LSD ABC, director François Grumelin-Sohn, Laura Sicouri, animation, 4 min.,  France
NWA-MANKAMANA, director Laurence Favre, documentary, 28 min., Switzerland
M.O., director Jakub Kouril, animation, 7 min.,  Czech Republic
MAKE LOVE, Tomer Sisley, fiction, 11 min., France
MAMAN,  director Bienvenu Ugo, animation,  5 min., France
MAN KANN NICHT ALLES AUF EINMAL TUN, ABER MAN KANN ALLES AUF EINMAL, director Marie-Elsa Sgualdo, fiction, 15 min., Switzerland
MORE THAN TWO HOURS, director Ali Asgari, fiction, 15 min., Iran
MY NAME IS BOFFER BINGS, director László Csáki, animation, 20 min., Hungary
NIGHT WALK, director Madeleine-Perdrillat Clémence, fiction,  19 min., France
NORTHERN LIGHTS, director Keren Ben Rafael, fiction, 13 min., France
OUT OF FRAME, director Yorgos Zois, experimental, 11 min., Greece
PANDAS, director Matus Vizar, animation, 12 min.,  Czech Republic
PRIESTS, director Astutillo Smeriglia, animation,  21 min., Italy
RABBIT AND DEER, director Péter Vácz, animation,  16 min., Hungary
RESPECTIVELY,  director Jan Soldat, documentary,  5 min., Germany
RONDO,  director Artur Kordas, animation, 6 min., Poland
SMOKE LIKE A TURK, director Remy van Heugten, fiction., 11 min., Netherlands
SOMETHING WILL TURN UP,  director Thanos Psichogios, fiction, 13min, Greece
SPARE TIME, director Myriam Rachmuth, documentary, 22 min., Switzerland
STAMMERING LOVE, director Jan Czarlewski, fiction, 20 min., Switzerland
SUNDAY 3, director Jochen Kuhn, animation,  14 min., Germany
THE BLOCK, director Paulina Ziółkowska, animation, 2 min., Poland
THE CAMP IN RAZOARE, director Cristi Iftime, fiction, 22 min., Romania
THE CEMENT MIXER, director Liviu Sandulescu, fiction, 16 min., Romania
THE CHILD OF SILENT WINTER, director Iiris Härmä, documentary, 21 min., Finland
THE ESCAPISTS, director Niklas Lindgren, fiction, 13 min., Finland
THE JENNIFER’S LAW, director Alessandro Capitani, fiction, 11 min, Italy
THE KIOSK,  director Anete Melece, animation, 7 min., Switzerland/Latvia
THE MOTHER, Lukasz Ostalski, fiction, 30 min., Poland
THE MYSTERY OF THE MALAKKA MOUNTAIN, director Justyna Nowak, animation, 20 min., Poland
THE PACK, director Mario Fernández Alonso, fiction, 15 min., Spain
THE WAY, director Max Ksjonda, fiction, 21 min., Ukraine
THIS IS RONALD, director Jules Comes, fiction, 19 min., Belgium
THOUGHTS ABOUT DYING, director Jani Ilomäki, fiction, 9 min., Finland
VIKINGAR, director Magali Magistry, fiction, 15 min.,  Iceland
WELCOME AND OUR CONDOLENCES, director Leon Prudovsky, fiction, 27 min., Israel
WHEN ONE STOPS, director Jenni Rahkonen, animation, 7 min., Finland
WIND,  director Robert Löbel ,animation, 4 min., Germany
WOMEN’S LETTERS,  director Augusto Zanovello, animation, 11 min.,  France
ZIEGENORT, director Tomasz Popakul animation, 19 min., Poland




2013 m., August 31 d.

Baltic Pitching Forum 2013: CALL FOR SHORT FILM PROJECTS

BALTIC PITCHING FORUM is a unique platform of networking and bringing the newest short film projects from the Baltics into the spotlight.
Forum invites to apply with your new short film project and have a chance to pitch it in front of international panel.

Application deadline – 6 September, 2013.

Baltic Pitching Forum will be held in Vilnius on 11-12 October during International Short Film Festival “Vilnius Film Shorts”.

More information:



2013 m., July 29 d.

Call for Entries: VILNIUS FILM SHORTS 2013

International submissions for 8th Vilnius Film Shorts are open now!

Sumbit your short film via or

Submission deadline – 1st of June, 2013!

2013 m., April 2 d.

8th Vilnius Film Shorts on 10-13 October, 2013

VILNIUS FILM SHORTS – the only international and professional short film festival in Lithuania, presenting the newest short films from all over the world. Every year festival’s line-up is a reflection of what has been happening in the short film world in recent years. Vilnius Film Shorts offers a range of short film programmes – competition and special non-competition film programmes, a retrospective programmes of acknowledged directors, Lithuanian short film premiers and masterclasses for the industry professionals.

ISFF Vilnius Film Shorts is organized by Lithuanian Short Film Agency LITHUANIAN SHORTS.

It is important to note that ’Vilnius Film Shorts’ is not only a film festival but also a phenomenon, containing not only film screenings but also various trainings and seminars, creative and unexpected solutions (films in public transport), concerts and events reflecting the synthesis of film and music.

2013 m., April 2 d.

Winners of the Festival 2012: Best Animation, Fiction and Documentary

This year three best short films were awarded in three nominations – Best Animation, Best Fiction and Best Documentrary films:

“Amigos Forever” (Koležanki), directed by Sylwester Jakimow, Poland


“The Pub”, directed by Joseph Pierce, United Kingdom


“Law and Order”, directed by Jan Soldat, Germany

The major prizepostproduction service package for the next short film, established by MADSTONE company (Lithuania).

International Jury: Helena Jondosttir (Iceland), Daniel Deak (Hungary) and Mantas Kvedaravicius (Lithuania).

2012 m., September 20 d.

KINOAUTOMAT at Vilnius Film Shorts 2012

Vilnius Film Shorts is glad to present the world’s first interactive movie “KINOAUTOMAT”! It will be screened for the first time in Lithuania and only three times!

The world’s first interactive movie whose plot and story are determined by the audience. The hit of EXPO ’67 in Montreal, Canada, it was enthusiastically received by both the general public and experts. The prestigious American weekly The New Yorker wrote: “The Kinoautomat in the Czechoslovak Pavilion is a guaranteed hit of the World Exposition, and the Czechs should build a monument to the man who conceived the idea, Radúz Činčera.”

The film’s main character, Mr. Novák, is interrupted by a nearly naked neighbour ringing his doorbell. Clad in a towel, she has locked herself out of her own apartment and asks Mr. Novák to let her into his home. So what to do? A charming young lady in a difficult situation is asking for help. On the other hand, Mrs. Novák will return any minute. And on top of that, today is his wife’s birthday…

STOP! yells the moderator. As he appears on stage, the film comes to a halt.
The solution to this tricky situation is now up to the viewers…
Let her in or not? The green button means let her in, the red means refuse…
How the story continues is completely up to how a majority of the audience votes. Viewer voting changes the story eight times during each performance.

Now, forty years later, the fully functional multimedia Kinoautomat project of film director and technological visionary Radúz Činčera has returned. In February 2006, it was successfully presented to the public in the prestigious National Film Theatre in London and has been garnering attention in Prague since May 29, 2007.

The Kinoautomat continues to travel around the world. In 2008 an audience at the Motovun Film Festival, Croatia, enthusiastically applauded the Kinoautomatʼs English version with English-speaking Alena Cincerova standing in front of the screen on stage and acting as a guide to the plot. It evoked the same response on March 2009, at Tyneside Cinema in Newcastle, England, in the sold-out audience hall of Bozar Cinema in Brussels, Belgium, at the DC Filmfest in Washington, USA. On November 2009, the Italian version with Italian speaking Josef Polasek was for the first time presented at the Mostrainvideo Festival in Milan, Italy.

In February 2012 a French speaking audience applauded the Kinoautomat’s French version with Patrick Hivon in Montreal, Canada.

Our mobile performance allows us to come to you. We have a wireless voting system and a PC and video projector to screen the film. The movie is dubbed into English, and can be shown in Czech or in English, with Italian or French subtitles.

The movie was written and directed by members of the Czechoslovak new wave in film in the 1960s: Radúz Činčera, Pavel Juráček, Ján Roháč, Vladimír Svitáček and Miroslav Horníček. The film features Miroslav Horníček, Miroslav Macháček, Josef Somr, Karla Chadimová, Libuše Švormová, Jan Libíček, Jiří Schmitzer and others.

The project was restored and directed in 2006–2007 by Alena Činčerová, daughter of Kinoautomat inventor Radúz Činčera.

2012 m., August 31 d.