Programme Queer Shorts




Brazil | 2019 | Documentary | 25 min.


Director | Cris Lyra
Script | Ananda Maranhão, Camila Gaglianone, Cris Lyra, Elis Menezes, Lana Lopes, Raíssa Lopes e Yakini Kalid
Director of photography | Wilssa Esser, Cris Lyra
Editing | Beatriz Pomar, Henrique Cartaxo
Sound | Marina Bruno, Tamis Haddad
Producer | Camila Gaglianone
Production company | Travessia Filmes


A group of young lesbians from São Paulo go on a trip to a remote beach for the new year’s celebration. While they wait, they relax, make music, and build an emotional refuge for themselves. They own their bodies, their memories and they feel free.