Janina Lapinskaitė. Women talk

Uniquely styled director’s Janina Lapinskaitė’s documentary films’ protagonists are often individuals living on the edge of the society, their stories, however, are worthy of hearing and seeing. In a film programme made specifically for the festival, three documentary films are presented, at the core of which – women telling their exceptional life stories – a formerly famous dancer, fishermen’s widows living on the coast and an artist who photographs male nudes. This programme is a rare opportunity to see Janina Lapinskaitė’s films from the past decade.


Janina Lapinskaitė is a film director, actor, screen writer and an educator. She has created over ten documentary and feature films, which have been screened at eminent film festivals and have earned numerous international awards.  For her role in the film The Fortress of Sleeping Butterflies, based on Jurga Ivanauskautė’s novel of the same name, Lapinskaitė received a Silver Crane award for the Best Female Actor in 2012, and in 2004 she was awarded the Order of the Lithuanian Grand Duke Gediminas – Knight’s Cross. Lapinskaitė has been lecturing film directing for more than two decades at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre.


Duration: 75 min.