European Stories 2023

This year’s special programme European Stories presents films with an underlying ritual theme of the transition from one stage of life into another. It expresses, in different forms, a farewell to childhood or carefree adolescence, as well as a playful, modern fairytale of liberation from the boundaries set by society. The films are also interlinked by vivid character portraits and the directors’ increasingly auteur gaze. These films have been well received in their respective countries and have won numerous national awards, as well as touring major international festivals such as Clermont-Ferrand, Palm Springs, Busan, to name a few. And now they continue their journey in Lithuania. These films are the result of a collaboration between Europe’s leading film production companies and talented emerging directors. Their productions were funded by the EU Creative Europe MEDIA programme. European Stories is presented by the Creative Europe Desk Lithuania MEDIA Office.

Programme will be screened only at the National Gallery of Art, entrance – free.


Duration: 68 min.

Program presented by: