What are the youngsters into? The young programmers at Meno Avilys, a group of 16-18 year-old film buffs, have watched the films of the Vilnius International Short Film Festival and put together a five-short-film programme, Protest, which they recommend to their peers.
When people are cornered, they start to protest both in their personal space and on the streets. A son’s protest against his mother, a little girl’s opposition to war, a policeman’s empathy in an emergency. This programme reveals people’s determination to fight for their values.
Already in its seventh year, Young Programmers is a Meno Avilys programme for senior high school students interested in cinema, who, under tutelage from professional film curators, educators, historians, communication specialists, etc., select films that are relevant for them, design, present and publicise film programmes for cinemas, festivals and open spaces. Inspired by the international project Moving Cinema, funded by the EU Creative Europe MEDIA strand and the Lithuanian Council for Culture.


Duration: 77 min.
Subtitles: Lithuanian/English

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