Late Night Fantasies (N-18)

Natasha, a neglected housewife who falls in love with a vacuum cleaner; Cynthia, discovering the secrets of sex and life; Amina who finds herself pregnant – they are curious, witty and sexually active women who will bring you into the world of overcoming sexual oppression, finding themselves in the modern world with irony, humour and courage. This is a unique take on gender and sex exclusively from a woman’s point of view and it empowers the audience to explore themselves and society around them with intellectual and sensual freedom.

“Late Night Fantasies” is a retrospective of Latvian independent animator Signe Baumane who is one of the most prominent and unique voices in the world of contemporary animation. Baumanes films surprise with provocative humour, free spirit, sincerity and could be certainly defined as bold statements of feminism and female gaze. In the programme you will be able to see her short films made 2001 – 2014 and their relevance have only increased in our contemporary society. Enjoy the late night fantasies and bring your own to reality!

Curated by Laima Graždanoviča, Riga International Short Film Festival 2ANNAS

Duration: 53 min.
Age limit: N-18

Program presented by: