19 min.


Director | Karolina Nadzeikaitė
Script | Karolina Nadzeikaitė, pagal Jeroslavo Melniko kūrinį tuo pačiu pavadinimu
Director of photography | Vytenis Jankauskas
Editing | Klementas Leonas Davidavičius
Sound | Tomas Stonys
Producers | Rūta Pašukonytė, Adolfina Kunčiūtė
Production company | Lietuvos muzikos ir teatro akademija


A middle-aged man named Kolia receives a letter with four choices. One of them leads to the birth of a baby to a previously infertile wife. At first he thinks that fate is finally in his hands, after receiving the other letters, he realizes that he can not opt out of the act of choosing.


Karolina was born and raised in Vilnius. After finishing high school she studied geography, but shortly after quit and ended up making short films similar to this one.

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National Competition II 2020