A Quiet Man

14 min.



Director | Nyima Cartier
Script | Nyima Cartier
Director of photography | Balthazar Lab
| Esther Lowe, Nyima Cartier
Sound | Hadrien Bayard
Composer | Pablo Altar
Producers | Joséphine Mourlaque, Antoine Salomé
Production company | Mabel Films


Paris-La Défense, the business district. From the 17th floor of an office building, Pierre is staring out the window: down below, a colleague who was dismissed that morning has been sitting on a bench for hours, alone in the cold. Why won’t he go home? From the heights of his office, Pierre wonders what to do.


About the director:

Nyima Cartier graduated from the Metropolitan Film School in London. In 2020, she directed two short films produced by Mabel Films, The Lake and A Quiet Man. She is currently developing her first feature film with Mabel Films.