7 min.

Director | Yazan Rabee
Script | Yazan Rabee
Operator | Maarten Kramer
Main cast | Yazan Rabee
Producers | Laura Verduijn, Eefje Blankevoort, Philippe Avendano Vera, Sacha Gertsik
Production company | Prospektor, Artillerie & De Ontmoeting

A chase, footsteps closing in; as you approach your house, it moves further away. This is a recurring nightmare, shared by many Syrians who have fled their homeland. At night they find themselves back in their hometowns, running, chased by invisible men. They’re looking for a safe place they can never reach. BACK dives into this nightmare to examine where it stems from. Did the trauma start at the protests against Bashar al-Assad, like it did for director Yazan Rabee? Or do we have to go back further to the terror during the reign of Bashar’s father, Hafez al-Assad?


Apie režisierių:

Yazan Rabee (1994) was born in Syria and fled to the Netherlands in 2016, with the singular goal to become a filmmaker. He had no plan B. Six years later he graduated from film school and went on to release two short films nearly simultaneously: fiction short Beyond the Sun, about the brainwashing program of the Syrian regime, and BACK, an introspective documentary about a recurring nightmare shared by many Syrians who have fled their homeland