Between You and Milagros

Colombia United States
20 min.



Director | Mariana Saffon
Script | Mariana Saffon, Nathalie Álvarez Ménsen
Director of photography | Alfonso Herrera Salcedo
| Andrew Stephen Lee
Sound | Ryan Billia
Composer | James Kinney
Producers | Diana Cristina Patiño, Mariana Saffon, Jorge Granados-Ross


15 year-old Milagros’ world still revolves around her mother’s affection. This summer an unexpected encounter with death will make her question her own existence.


About the director:

Colombian director and screenwriter. A Film MFA candidate at Columbia University in NYC, granted a scholarship from Colfuturo and the Milos Formans Fellowship. She has directed short films and commercials in Morocco, the United States, Mexico and Colombia. She has participated in festivals in Colombia and the world. Her latest short film, ENTRE TÚ Y MILAGROS was supported with the Short Film Production Grant from the Colombian Film Fund-FDC and premiered at 77th Venice IFFs Orizzonti competition. It was awarded the Lion for Best Short Film. Shes currently developing her first feature film, LA BOTERO.

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