Fiction Experimental
20 min.


Director | Luca Ferri
Script | Luca Ferri
Cinematography | Andrea Zanoli, Pietro De Tilla, Giulia Vallicelli
Editing | Stefano P. Testa
Sound | Giulia La Marca, Elisa Piria
Production company |LAB 80 FILM – ENECE FILM
Producers | Andrea Zanoli
Contacts | Andrea Zanoli,


A couple of lovers spends together a century of life, while trends, objects and films decline towards the horror. they will be obsessed with the octagonal knobs of coffee pots and anonymous design all of their life. aging and slowly losing their strength, but never their clarity of mind, they will prefer excluding the outer world, darkening and shuttering their house and withdrawing into themselves, browsing through old encyclopaedias about extinct animals.