Delivery Dancer’s Sphere

딜리버리 댄서의 구
South Korea
25 min.

Director | Ayoung Kim
Script | Ayoung Kim
Director of photography | Park Seyoung
Editing | Lee Hyunji, Ayoung Kim, Yu Chae
Sound designer | Đ.K (aka Dang Khoa Chau)
Composer | Đ.K (aka Dang Khoa Chau)
Main cast | Jang Seo-kyung
Producer | Heejung Oh
Production company | Seesaw Pictures

Ernst Mo is a rider for the powerful courier service Delivery Dancer. Every day, she transports an endless stream of parcels, following algorithmically generated routes through a labyrinthine, technofuturist Seoul. After she runs into an alternative version of herself, her reality slowly starts to crack.

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