Different Local Things

14 min.


Directors Kim Viitanen, Anders Djupsjöbacka
Script Anders Djupsjöbacka, Kim Viitanen
Cinematographers Kim Viitanen, Anders Djupsjöbacka
Editing Kim Viitanen , Anders Djupsjöbacka
Producer Jonna Granqvist
Contacts e-mail: jonna.granqvist@gmail.com

Olika lokal sakrä (Different local things) is an experimental film with a touch of dark humour. The film consistsof ten seemingly unrelated episodes, some of which are partially based on true stories from the northern partsof Swedish-speaking Ostrobothnia in western Finland. Behind the stories lies the mentality of the people of the area, which builds up to the mood of the film. The film is just as the people of the area itdepicts, mostly calm and quiet; only the absurdities and sometimes crazy events in the stories break this silence and serenity, just as they break the grey and monotonic everyday – life of the people of the area.

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