Hello salaam

15 min.



Director | Kim Brand
Script | Kim Brand
Director of photography | Reinout Steenhuizen
Editing | Luuk van Stegeren
Sound | Jillis Schriel
Composer | Harry de Wit
Producer | Hasse van Nunen, Renko Douze
Production company | Een van de jongens


The mothers of pre-teens Merlijn and Sil are doing voluntary work on Lesbos, where thousands of refugees have become stranded, crossing over from Turkey in unseaworthy boats. During their school vacation, the boys really want to see how the refugees are coping with their own eyes, especially the ones that are their age. They discuss what it might be like and practice with a translation app, learning how to say things like “peanut butter sandwiches are really tasty” in Arabic or Farsi.