I Love You So Hard

United Kingdom
4 min.


Director Ross Butter
Script Joel Veitch
Animation Ross Butter
Music composer Edward Snow
Producer Joel Veitch
Production company Rather good Films
Contacts rathergood.com, e-mail: joel@rathergood.com

“I Love You So Hard,” is an animated film about romance, obsession and bodily fluids. Entirely hand-drawn with paper, pens and coloured crayons, it is made up of well over a thousand A4 pages. The film centresaround an unhinged and obsessive lothario who attempts to seduce his unfortunate love interest by detailing his bizarre and terrifying fantasies of how far he’d go in order to prove his feelings for her. These nightmarishly amorous scenarios include rocket-propelled organ donations, DIY brain surgery, a bladder full of fresh honey and a mid-air showdown with a rhinoceros.