I Was Max

21 min.


Director | Lukas Kacinauskas
Script | Lukas Kacinauskas
Director of photography | Meida Lileikytė
| Lukas Kacinauskas
Sound | Mindaugas Juška
Producer | Laura Vrubliauskaitė
Production company | Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre
International sales | SND Films
Festival distribution | M-Films


It’s a short road film where Max goes on a date with another guy Tadas whom he met online. Max feels uncomfortable and timid so Tadas decides to act on his own initiative. Eventually Max breaks down and reveals his true identity.


About the director:

Lukas Kacinauskas (born in 1992) is an up-and-coming film director and screenwriter. Before taking up film directing, he started out as an actor. He obtained a BA in film directing at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre in 2020 and continues his studies in the MA program. His debut film I Was Max is currently on its way to the major European film festivals.

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