9 min.



Director | Kateryna Chepik
Script | Kateryna Chepik
Director of photography | Vadym Ilkov
Editing | Lev Kostenko, Kateryna Chepik, Olaksandr Kazakov
Animators | Kareryna Chepik, Andrii Slesarevskiy, Tetiana Heorhievska
Sound design | Oleksandr Bihun
Composer | Dmytro Karpeniuk
Voice over | Daria Zahorodnia, Roman Chupis
Producer | Hanna Polonichenko
Production company | Novatorfilm



The girl gets too carried away with the game and suddenly finds herself in a world made of paper and plasticine. Her imagination allows her to reach into her own pocket and find a way out of the room without windows and doors. Fantastic events immerse the little heroine in a world invented by herself.