Imbued Life

Uhdanot Zivot
12 min.

Directors | Ivana Bošnjak, Thomas Johnson
Script | Ivana Bošnjak, Thomas Johnson
Director of photography | Ivan Slipčević
Editing | Iva Kraljević
Animators | Ivana Bošnjak, Thomas Johnson, Kata Gugić, Nenad Laktašić, Martina Meštrović
Sound designer | Andrea Martignoni
Composer | Andrea Martignoni
Producer | Vanja Andrijević
Production company | Bonobo studio

Imbued Life is a film about a young woman’s connection with the life force of nature. She uses her talent for taxidermy to “restore” the animals to their natural habitat. However, the true search for the answers begins when she starts finding a roll of undeveloped film in each of the animals she treats. Her obsession drives her to seek the explanation of the connection she feels, haunting her dreams, as well as her waking moments.