Lili Alone

China Singapore
22 min.

朵丽  /  DUO LI


Director | Zou Jing
Script | Zou Jing
Director of photography | Liangzi
| Hsu Yen Ching
Sound | Mo Huijia
Producer | Wang Yang, Qiu Yang
Production company | Tender Madness Pictures


Lili, a young mother, lives with her gambler husband in a remote part of Sichuan. Lonely and poor, she heads for the city in a bid to earn enough money to save her dying father.


About the director:

ZOU Jing, born in 1984, is a Chinese director and writer based in Shanghai and Los Angeles. Jing comes from a literature background but found her calling when she began working at Shanghai International TV station as a director/editor on documentaries. Lili Alone is her first short film.