Mission: Hebron

23 min.



Director | Rona Segal
Script | Rona Segal
Director of photography | Itay Marom
| Ayelet Ofarim
Sound | Nati Zeidenstadt
Producers | Idit Kliger, Kobi Mizrahi
Production company | Kliger Films


In Israel, soldiers are conscripted at the age of 18. Within a few months, they have the authority to exercise control over many aspects of Palestinian civil life. In Mission: Hebron, ex-soldiers face the camera and recall their service, offering a view into the most troubled city in the West Bank.


About the director:

Rona Segal is an Israeli Film Director and Screenwriter. She wrote “Six Acts”, Winner of San Sebastian Film Festival TVE Award 2012. Director of “Caught in the web”, Fipadoc 2021, And “Mission: Hebron”, Winner of Best Short in “Short Shorts” 2021, and a 2021 European Film Academy Award Candidate.

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