My Name is Boffer Bings

20 min.

Director László Csáki
Writer Virág Zomborácz , László Csáki
Operator Árpád Horváth
Sound Designer Tamás Zányi
Producer Miklós Kázmér, Zoltán Hidvegi

The film is based on the well-known short story ‘Oil of Dog’. The rough and simple chalk animation technique is match for the absurd and surrealistic style of the story. The line-drawing character representation over a black background is in the flavour of film noir. This is the story of Boffer Bings, who lives in a village where his father manages a prosperous business producing dog-oil. Boffer Bings not only assists his father in procuring dogs for distill, but also helps to carry away the debris of his mother’s studio, where she disposes of unwelcome babes. Martin is accomplished in his jobs, until his accidental invention steers the family business into an economic boom. Tragedy is inevitable.