Shānzhài Screens

23 min.


Director | Paul Heintz
Script | Paul Heintz
Director of photography | Paul Heintz
| Jeanne Sarfati
Sound | Grégoire Chauvot, Corvo Lepesant-Lamari
Producers | Thomas Hakim, Julien Graff
Production company | Petit Chaos


Shenzhen at night, copyist painters recount their daily lives and their craft. Their acts shift alternately between an artistic and blue-collar imagery, from new technology to classical techniques. Here, another history of painting is being drawn.


About the director:

Paul was born in 1989 in Saint-Avold (France). He is a Fine Arts graduate from Beaux-Arts de Nancy, Arts Décoratifs de Paris and Le Fresnoy. His work goes through object, sound, video, installation and films. His films were screened in many festivals such as IFFR, FIDMarseille, Dok Leipzig, Indie Lisboa or RIDM.