Sine Die

14 min.


Director | Camila Moreiras
Script | Camila Moreiras
Director of Photography| Camila Moreiras
Editing | Camila Moreiras, Pablo Gil
Sound | Alejandra Molina
Producer | Valerie Delpierre
Production Company | Inicia Films.S.L


Amidst desert landscapes and chain link fences, plutonium lay scattered and buried in the village of Palomares, Spain. A voiceover narration describes an undisclosed medical condition, and land and body converge in the uncomfortable difference between recovery and survival. Two stories told in parallel, Sine die is based on real events that invoke physical contamination: that of the land surrounding Palomares, and of a body in sickness—the director’s. The film reflects upon the condition of the chronically present that urges both land and body to acclimate at all costs.