Sonnet 81

23 min.


Director Maaike Neuville
Script Maaike Neuville
Cinematographer Grimm Vandekerckhoven
Sound Karel Dewaele, Marijn Thijs
Music composer Benedikt Lenski
Producers Maaike neuville (Forword vzw) , Daphné Pascual (Luca School of arts)
Production company Luca School of arts
Contacts Maaike Neuville, e-mail:

It’s ten years since the passing away of Ellen, daughter of Lut and Jos. It’s the annual reunion of Ellen’s friends. We see how everybody has coped in his own way with the loss. Where is the grief now? And where is someone, who died ten years ago? Sonnet 81 is a subtle and poetical portrait about the immortality of the ones we love.

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