“Tatuapé Mahal” Tower

10 min.


Directors Carolina Markowicz, Fernanda Salloum
Producer Krysse Melo, Nadia Agudo
Script Carolina Markowicz, Fernanda Salloum
Cinematography Mario Daloia
Editing Rami D’aguiar
Animation Fabio Yamaji
Film score composer Gabriel Carrera
Production company Fulano Filmes
Contacts Krysse Melo, e-mail: krysse@fulanofilmes.com.br

The film is about the life story of Javier Juarez Garcia, an Argentinian scale model figure who decided to live in São Paulo to seize the city’s real state boom. After a tragedy, he decides to change his life and work in architectural models around the world. But he never forgets about his real goal.