Ten Minutes Before The Flight Of Icarus

10 min.


Director Arūnas Matelis
Script Arūnas Matelis
Cinematography Rimvydas Leipus
Music Faustas Latėnas
Sound director Vidmantas Kazlauskas
Editing Danutė Cicėnaitė
Production company Lietuvos kino studija, studija „Nominum“


This film is considered to be a manifesto of the post-Soviet generation of Lithuanian filmmakers who rejected the straightforward declarative approach and immersed themselves into the silent observation of reality. Film director Arūnas Matelis traces the beginnings of post-Soviet transformation: but rather than heading straight to the main squares of Vilnius, he observes it in the daily life of the inhabitants of Užupis – a historical quarter of the old town of Vilnius. One of the heroes of the film is a tiny fellow with an ear-flap cap. Feeling like home, he hangs around Užupis; his parole is the mosaic of Lithuanian, Russian, Polish and Yiddish words. This queer character is like a walking spirit of Užupis – scanty yet free.