The Jungle

16 min.


Director Robertas Nevecka
Script Robertas Nevecka, Vėjūnė Tamuliūnaitė
Cinematography Vytautas Plukas
Sound director Justinas Važnevičius
Cast Vytautas Leistrumas, Indrė Pivoraitė, Lukas Malinauskas, Vytautas Anužis
Producer Ilma Barbarovičiūtė
Production company LMTA
Contacts Robertas Nevecka, e-mail:


Thirty-year old guy is assaulted on the street. Randomly, in the middle of a day. The emotional damage hurts him more than the punches taken. This is a new experience for him. The guy tries to sort things out between justice, revenge and a bit of shame. Meanwhile, on the opposite side of the story there are guys that did the beating. They practice first-punch knockouts. And they helpfully carry their mothers’ food bags in the evening.