The Kite

Czech Republic Poland Slovakia
13 min.



Director | Martin Smatana
Script | Martin Smatana
Animators | Martin Smatana, Martyna Koleniec, Łukasz Grynda, Matouš Valchař, Stanisław Szostak, Piotr Chmielewski
Editing | Lucie Navrátilová
Sound | Viera Marinová
Composer | Aliaksander Yasinski
Producer | Peter Badač
Production company  | BFILM


Summer is coming to the end, the fruit is growing ripe on the trees. Grandpa gives his grandson a kite. As the boy is tossed around in the air, Grandpa catches him. Then the leaves fall and Grandpa has grown weak. A strong autumn wind carries him off into the cloudy sky. Winter comes, then springtime. A warm breeze brings them together again. Told with enchanting, richly-textured images, this tale is about remembering those who are no longer with us.