The Manila Lover

Norway Philippines
26 min.


Director | Johanna Pyykkö
Script | Johanna Pyykkö
Director of photography | Torbjørn Sundal Holen
| Margrete Vinnem, Brwa Vahabpour, Johanna Pyykkö
Sound | Inger Elise Holm
Composer | Jens Fougner
Producers | Nina M. Barbosa Blad, Lotte Sandbu
Production company | Barbosa Film


While visiting the Philippines, Norwegian Lars has found the Filipina he wants to share his life with, but today nothing goes according to plan.


About the director:

Johanna Pyykkö is a director and screenwriter. She’s been a writer on several tv-series and episode director (ep.7) on “Nach” (Discovery). Pyykkö has made many short films, including the shorts “My Sister Dances” and “The Manila Lover” (58th Semaine de la Critique & Norwegian Amanda Academy Award).