The Trap

Egypt Germany
21 min.



Director | Nada Riyadh
Script | Nada Riyadh
Director of photography | Ahmad Jalboush
Editing | Amir Ahmad
Sound | Moustafa Shaaban, Ansgar Frerich
Composer | Asmaa Azouz
Producers | Ayman El Amir, Eva Schellenbeck, Gregor Streiber
Production companies | Felucca Films, Inselfilm produktion


In the peculiar set up of a deserted and run-down Egyptian seaside resort in wintertime, a young unmarried couple arrives to make love.


Nada Riyadh is an Egyptian director. Her debut documentary film (Happily ever after) premiered at IDFA (International Documentary Film of Amsterdam) in 2016. Her first short fiction film Fakh (The Trap) was selcted at Semaine de la Critique 2019. She also leads and mentors filmmaking workshops to empower distressed communities suffering from war, displacement, and difficult living conditions.