19 min.



Director | Adrian Silisteanu
Script | Claudia Silisteanu
Cinematography | Adrian Silisteanu
Editing | Mircea Olteanu, Costi Zaharia
Sound | Ioan Filip, Dan Stefan Rucareanu
Production company | 4 Proof Film
Producers | Anamaria Antoci, Adrian Silisteanu
Contacts | Irena Isbășescu irena@4prooffilm.ro, Anamaria Antoci anamaria@4prooffilm.ro


Outside a maternity ward, a Roma family is announced their underage daughter has just had a baby girl. Pardică (50) doesn’t seem to celebrate the moment; he is very displeased with this early pregnancy, for which he blames his wife. However, things become even tenser when a hospital employee asks them to sign some papers and discovers issues related to their IDs and their status as parents of the underage new mother. The imminent danger of state authorities separating them from their daughter determines Pardică to take action.