Yes We Love

15 min.


Director Hallvar Witzø
Producer Elisabeth Kvithyll
Script Hallvar Witzø
Cinematography Stian Thilert
Editing Hallvar Witzø, Elisabeth Kvithyll, Audun G. Magnæs
Film score composer Spetakkel, A4L, Stranda Mannskor
Production company Hummelfilm AS
Contacts Hummelfilm AS, e-mail:

Four generations, each with a crisis, set in four different parts of Norway on the Norwegian Constitution Day. Ten-year-old Birger hates marching with the boys’ brigade. War hero Konrad (90) refuses to listen to another sumptuous. Constitution Day speech. Graduation queen Carina (18) just cannot believe Morten isn’t interested in her. And father-of-two Ola (46) searches for his ‘self’ in a hunting lodge in arctic Svalbard. Yes We Love is Norway represented by four generations, each with their crisis on Norway’s Constitution Day.