The mentees for „Baltic Women in Film Mentorship 2021-2022” program have been chosen

News 2021-09-13

This week is the beginning of the very first mentorship program „Baltic Women in Film Mentorship 2021-2022“ for women in film and TV industries of the Baltic states. The program has been popular among women of this industry – 44 applications have been submitted. 15 mentees of the three Baltic countries have been chosen to take part in the mentorship activities.

Over the course of 8 months (September 2021 – May 2022) the participants will be involved in 3 networking sessions to meet the mentors and each other, 3 self-education webinars on leadership, negotiation and self-promotion and 3 industry events during Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian film festivals. Moreover, there participants will have a chance to spend a whole working day with their mentor.

Congratulations to the selected participants!



Jogilė Ramoškaitė, content creator and actress

Indrė Juškutė, film director

Vilma Razmutė, graphic designer and animator

Ilona Stankevičienė, producer

Bon Alog, visual artist



Gunda Bergmane, producer

Zane Buksa, junior producer

Līga Požarska, film journalist

Beatrise Maija Krievina, art director and production designer

Alise Zariņa, film director and writer



Jaanika Arum, film director, writer and actress

Nadya Tjuška, filmmaker

Birk Rohelend, screenwriter

Ragne Mandri, film director and writer

Bojana Babic, film director and writer


The mentorship program is organized by Lithuanian short film agency “Lithuanian Shorts” and “Women in Film & Television Lithuania” association. The “Baltic Women in Film Mentorship 2021-2022” program is financed by Nordic Culture Point and is organized in partnership with Meeting Point Vilnius, Riga International Film Festival  and Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival.