Vilnius Short Film Festival invites to open air screenings at “Peronas” bar

Events 2024-06-26

The Vilnius Short Film Festival continues its summer screenings at “Peronas” Bar and is presenting two more short film programs – “(Dis)connected” and “Sour Maturity”. Absurd, funny, and thought-provoking short films await the audience. Screenings will be held on July 9 and 23 from 21:00 at Geležinkelio st. 6, Vilnius. Entrance is free of charge, but seating is limited. All films will have Lithuanian and English subtitles. 

July 9, Tuesday, 21:00 – “(Dis)connected”

How far are you willing to go for the sake of your followers? Could you pester your local council with phone calls about a simple bench? These absurd, funny and at times shocking films will reveal what goes on in the closed meetings of an advertising agency, what the weather cameras in ski resorts have captured and who secretly came up with an idea to make animated videos about a woman’s life

Films in the programme: “A Kind of Testament“ (dir. Stephen Vuillemin, France), “Bugs“ (dir. Gwai Lou, Malaysia), “Offline“ (dir. Mauritz Brekke Solberg, Daniel Fure Schwarz, Norway), “Recordings of a Weather Camera“ (dir. Bernhard Wenger, Austria, Germany), “The Waves“ (dir. Yumi Joung, South Korea), “Municipal Relaxation Module“ (dir. Matthew Rankin, Canada).

More information about the films here.

July 23, Tuesday, 21:00 – “Sour Maturity”

This programme is dominated by stories of teenagers or young people. They all go through personal tectonic shifts in their lives, usually followed by fundamental changes. The films are all different, each story is varied and unique. ‘Sour’ is a very good word to describe the films in the programme and the mixed emotions they evoke.

Films in the programme: “Lemon Tree” (dir. Rachel Walden, USA), “Ebounda” (dir. Perrin Sombo, Central African Republic, France), “27” (dir. Flora Anna Buda, France, Hungary), “Waking Up in Silence” (dir. Mila Zhluktenko, Daniel Asadi Faezi, Ukraine, Germany), “Oyu“ (dir. Atsushi Hirai, France, Japan).

More information about films here.


The final two open air screenings will take place on 6 and 20 of August. The programmes will be revealed at the end of July.