VISFF announces official selection for the International Competition

Programme 2016-12-05

With each year, the organisers receive more and more applications from filmmakers wanting to take part in the competition programmes. This year, 48 films have been selected out of more than 2000 foreign entries. 11th Vilnius International Short Film Festival is going to present eight international competition programmes, consisting of animation, fiction, documentary and experimental films that have visited numerous festivals, winning public accolades and awards. Each of the eight international programmes includes short films of all genres. One of them, an N-18-rated special selection for adults only, contains entertaining short films about sexual relationships, understanding of one’s body and self. With films coming from more than 30 different countries, it is hard to find something common to all of them. Nonetheless, they all talk about what it is like to live in today’s world as a creator, and as a human being. The films explore society’s members’ relationship with technology, politics, social challenges, nature, art, past and one another. International competition films are considered by the 3-member International Jury which selects Best Short Fiction, Best Short Documentary and Best Short Animation.


Moms on Fire 1 photo Tim Maarse 16x9



I Programme


“Autumn” (dir. Meinhard Rauchensteiner, Austria, 2015 m., 3 min.)

“Small Talk” (dir. Even Hafnor, Norway, 2015 m., 21 min.)

“The Five Minute Museum” (dir. Paul Bush, UK/Switzerland, 2015 m., 7 min.)

“Rhapsody” (dir. Constance Meyer, France, 2016 m., 15 min.)

“Amalimbo” (dir. Juan Pablo Libossart, Sweden/Estonia, 2016 m., 15 min.)

“Homebodies” (dir. Yianni Warnock, Australia, 2016 m., 13 min.)

“Movements Arising From Different Relationships – Between Regularity And Irregularity II” (dir. Masahiro Tsutani, Japan, 2015 m., 13 min.)


II Programme


“Elpiniki Plays The Accordion” (dir. Elsa Rosengren, Germany, 2016, 11 min.)

“Two Childhoods” (dir. Vladimir Golovnev, Russia, 2016, 26 min.)

“Anatomy” (dir. Patrik Eklund, Sweden, 2016, 8 min.)

“Batrachian’s Ballad” (dir. Leonor Teles, Portugal, 2016, 11 min.)

“The Bathtub” (dir. Tim Ellrich, Germany/Austria, 2015, 13 min.)

“Centre of the Cyclone” (dir. Heather Trawick, Canada/USA, 2015, 19 min.)


III Programme


“Chasse Royale” (dir. Lise Akoka and Romane Gueret, France, 2016, 28 min.)

“Colombi” (dir. Luca Ferri, Italy, 2016, 20 min.)

“Tsunami” (dir. Sofie Kampmark, Denmark, 2015, 7 min.)

“Fight on a Swedish Beach!!” (dir. Simon Vahlne, Sweden, 2016, 15 min.)

“Electric Man” (dir. Alvaro Muñoz Rodríguez, Chile, 2016, 18 min.)


IV Programme (N-18)


“Venusia” (dir. Louise Carrin, Switzerland, 2016, 35 min.)

“Pussy” (dir. Renata Gasiorowska, Poland, 2015, 8 min.)

“The Log” (dir. Teemu Nikki, Finland, 2016, 7 min.)

“Chulyen, a Crow’s Tale” (dir. Cerise Lopez and Agnès Patron, France, 2015, 20 min.)

“Moms On Fire” (dir. Joanna Rytel, Sweden, 2016, 12 min.)

“Coming of Age” (dir. Jan Soldat, Germany, 2016, 14 min.)


V Programme


“500 000 Years” (dir. Chai Siris, Thailand, 2016, 15 min.)

“Tradition” (dir. Dmitry Golubov, Russia, 2015, 24 min.)

“489 Years” (dir. Hayoun Kwon, France, 2016, 11 min.)

“Import” (dir. Ena Sendijarević, The Netherlands, 2016, 17 min.)

“The Simple Things” (dir. Alvaro Anguita Araya, Chile, 2016, 26 min.)


VI Programme


“The Reflection Of Power” (dir. Mihai Grecu, France, 2015, 9 min.)

“The Committee” (dir. Gunhild Enger and Jenni Toivoniemi, Sweden, 2016, 14 min.)

“Mobilize” (dir. Caroline Monnet, Canada, 2015, 3 min.)

“Observing Squirrels” (dir. Sera Martikainen, Finland, 2016, 17 min.)

“Timecode” (dir. Juanjo Giménez, Spain, 2016, 15 min.)

“Red Fat Cat”  (dir. Klaus Hoefs, Germany, 2016, 10 min.)

“Partner” (dir. Antoine Giorgini, France, 2015, 19 min.)


VII Programme


“Greener Grass” (dir. Paul Briganti, USA, 2015, 15 min.)

“Nothing Has Ever Happened Here” (dir. Ayat Najafi, Iran/Germany, 2016, 21 min.)

“Living” (dir. Ben Mankin, UK, 2016, 2 min.)

“Good Luck, Orlo” (dir. Sara Kern, Slovenia, 2016, 14 min.)

“Velodrool” (dir. Sander Joon, Estonia, 2015, 6 min.)

“Out of Reach” (dir. Efrat Rasner, Israel, 2015, 19 min.)

“A Slice of the Country” (dir. Hannah Letaïf, France/Belgium, 2015, 7 min.)


VIII Programme


“Written/Unwritten” (dir. Adrian Silisteanu, Romania, 2016, 19 min.)

“Digital Immigrants” (dir. Dennis Stauffer and Norbert Kottmann, Switzerland, 2016, 21 min.)

“Happy End” (dir. Jan Saska, Czech Republic, 2015, 6 min.)

“Green Screen Gringo” (dir. Douwe Dijkstra, The Netherlands/Brasil, 2016, 16 min.)

“Slurpee” (dir. Charles Grenier, Canada, 2016, 9 min.)

“Herculanum” (dir. Arthur Cahn, France, 2016, 21 min.)