VISFF announces official selection for the National Competition

Programme 2016-12-13


For the second time, the festival is going to have a national short film competition. The two competing programmes will reveal the reflections and issues raised by the Lithuanian filmmakers. 12 short films were selected for the festival.

Among them, such fiction films as: 8 Minutes (dir. Dovile Sarutyte), named the best Lithuanian short film in the Scanorama festival;  Everybody‘s Missing Pranas (dir. Vygantas Bachmackij), winner of the Best Student Film Prize at the Short Riga programme of the Riga International Film Festival; Back (dir. Gabriele Urbonaite), recipient of the special jury mention at the Cinema Spring festival; The Camel (dir. Laurynas Bareisa); The Roots Are Bitter (dir. Domas Petronis).

Selected for the festival were two animation films: Ragnarok (dir. Urte Oettinger, Johan Oettinger) and Draught (dir. Agne Kupstyte, Balys Kumza).

Among the competitors is a documentary that has been shown in numerous festivals, awarded as the best short film in Switzerland’s Visions du Réel festival, European Film Award nominee I’m Not From Here (dir. Maite Alberdi, Giedre Zickyte). Another documentary in the programme – Sharunas Bartas: Where Am I Now (dir. S. Bartas, J. Dikciuviene, E. Doskus, G. Sokelyte, J. Matulevicius, J. Zymancius), a film made for the Sarunas Bartas’ retrospective at the Pompidou Centre in Paris.

The festival is going to present three national premieres – two fiction films, Sigis (dir. Tomas Gvozdas) and Electric Sheep Don‘t Let Me Sleep (dir. Vilius Survila) and experimental Syndromes of Mimicry (dir. Anastasija Pirozhenko).

The festival’s special programmes will be announced next week.


I Programme:

“The Camel” (dir. Laurynas Bareiša, 14 min.)

“Syndromes of Mimicry” (dir. Anastasija Piroženko, 18 min.)

“Sigis” (dir. Tomas Gvozdas, 20 min.)

“Ragnarok” (dir. Urtė Oettinger, Johan Oettinger, 8 min.)

“Sharunas Bartas: Where Am I Now” (dir. Š.Bartas, J.Dikčiuvienė, E.Doškus, G.Sokelytė, J.Matulevičius, J.Žymančius, 20 min.)

“8 minutes” (dir. Dovilė Šarutytė, 13 min.)


II Programme:

“Everybody’s Missing Pranas” (dir. Vygantas Bachmackij, 16 min.)

“I’m Not From Here“ (dir. Maite Alberdi, Giedrė Žickytė, 26 min.)

“The Roots Are Bitter” (dir. Domas Petronis, 17 min.)

“Drought” (dir. Agnė Kupšytė, Balys Kumža, 5 min.)

“Back” (dir. Gabrielė Urbonaitė, 20 min.)

“Electric Sheep Don’t Make Me Sleep” (dir. Vilius Survila, 9 min.)



“8 minutes” trailer:


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“The Roots Are Bitter” trailer:


“Everybody’s Missing Pranas” trailer:


“Drought” trailer:


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“Back” trailer:


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