Triangle: Captured Moments

About The Memorable And The Unforgettable

History’s big events and all those (ostensibly) small private moments—cinema thrives on capturing special moments, presenting them in an unusual way, or examining them from different angles. We’re casting a wide net in this program, from the Hindenburg disaster to sinking refugee boats, from personal memories at the Sardinian coast to the quest for a divine spark. And then we end up in a disco, dancing ecstatically, losing ourselves, and making unforgettable memories—until we have to face the world again the next day.

This programme is a part of Triangle project initiated by Vienna Shorts, the biggest short film festival in Austria. On the occasion of its 20th anniversary, Vienna Shorts invited Vilnius Short Film Festival and Lago Film Fest (Italy) to curate short film programmes under the theme “Just A Moment, Please!” dedicated to time in its most transient unit: the moment. All three programmes showcase films that are paying attention to the seemingly smallest things: whether it’s taking photographs as departure points for moving images, countless individual images coming to life in rapid succession, stills or slow-motion shots capturing a moment or prolonging it to make the most of it.

Curated by Daniel Hadenius-Ebner, co-director of Vienna Shorts (Austria).

Duration: 57 min.
Age limit: N-13