Triangle: From an Instant to Other Visions

A selection of short Italian documentaries that take us into unexpected stories through found footage.

From photography to stock footage, from home-movies to television documentation and the web, archival material has always represented an inexhaustible public source and a fundamental tool for investigating the past and reinterpreting the present. Over the years, found footage has become an essential starting point for the research of filmmakers who, thanks to the magic of cinema, bring attention back to forgotten and necessary stories or steal moments from the past to create new and unexpected narratives. The Program turns the spotlight on a new wave of promising young Italian filmmakers who, starting with sounds and archive images, catapult us into bold new visions.

This programme is a part of Triangle project initiated by Vienna Shorts, the biggest short film festival in Austria. On the occasion of its 20th anniversary, Vienna Shorts invited Vilnius Short Film Festival and Lago Film Fest (Italy) to curate short film programmes under the theme “Just A Moment, Please!” dedicated to time in its most transient unit: the moment. All three programmes showcase films that are paying attention to the seemingly smallest things: whether it’s taking photographs as departure points for moving images, countless individual images coming to life in rapid succession, stills or slow-motion shots capturing a moment or prolonging it to make the most of it.

Curated by Alessandro Del Re and Morena Faverin, artistic directors of Lago Film Fest (Italy).

Duration: 66 min.
Age limit: N-13