A Study of Empathy

En Undersøgelse af Empati
14 min.

Director | Hilke Rönnfeldt
Script | Hilke Rönnfeldt

Dana wants to show empathy. Penelope wants to explore empathy. Penelope’s artistic experiment unfolds and Dana’s feelings are whirled around.


About the director:

Hilke Rönnfeldt, born by the Baltic Sea coast in Northern Germany with Danish-Icelandic roots, graduated as a screenwriter at Swedish Alma Education and as a film director at independent film school collective Super16 in Copenhagen. She is a Berlinale Talents, Oxbelly Episodic Lab and European Short Pitch alumna. Her projects revolve around life in rural communities, worlds of work, intimacy, and the sea. She has a strong faith in the poetic capabilities of the image.