Jill, Uncredited

United Kingdom
18 min.

Director | Anthony Ing
Editing | Anthony Ing
Sound designer | Tom Jenkins
Composer | Anthony Ing
Main cast | Jill Goldston
Producers | Catherine Bray, Anthony Ing, Charlie Shackleton
Production company | Loop

Prolific background actor Jill Goldston takes centre stage in this unique portrait. Constructed entirely from Jill’s performances – captured fleetingly in everything from Mr. Bean to The Elephant Man – the film is a lyrical journey through popular culture, and a haunting study of a life lived out of focus.


About the director:

Anthony Ing is a British and Canadian filmmaker and composer whose work explores existing cultural artefacts with a particular focus on the relationship between identity and performance.

Co-founder of production outfit, Loop, they have produced a range of artist-led film and television projects since 2014, receiving awards at the Griersons, BFI London Film Festival and the British Independent Film Awards.