24 min.


Director | Karolina Nadzeikaitė
Script | Karolina Nadzeikaitė, Dovilė Katiliūtė
Director of photography | Vytenis Jankauskas
Editing | Karolina Nadzeikaitė
Sound | Auksė Jurevičiūtė
Composer | Domantas Pūras
Producer | Roberta Kučinskaitė
Production company | Lietuvos muzikos ir teatro akademija


In the near future, after another painful break-up, young woman named Alex applies to the institution where people are taught to live in solitude. During one of the training phases, Alex is introduced to a young employee named Kaste, whom she becomes very close with. However the essence of the training is to unexpectedly and firmly develop the ability to live alone.


About the director:

Karolina Nadzeikaitė (b. 1995) graduated from the Lithuanian Music and Theatre Academy with a degree in Film directing. Her film “A.A.A.” had National premiere at the Vilnius International Short Film Festival in 2020. It was also screened in Not Film Fest programme (Italy).