5 min.


Director | Jonas Juškaitis
Script | Jonas Juškaitis
Animator | Matas Juškaitis
Sound | Emilija Juzeliūnaitė
Producer | Jonas Juškaitis


“Roots” is a short animated movie about teenagers born during the independence of Lithuania. The film talks through buildings and hair, revealing the complex nature of growing up in a post-soviet country. Film discovers their emotional connection with the environment merging animation and interviews with the kids who are living in the brutalistic, soviet built areas.


About the director:

Jonas Juškaitis is a Lithuanian audio-visual artist who also works in a film industry. He graduated University of Arts, London Film Practice Bachelor course in 2018 and is living in Lithuania ever since. His personal work of field includes experimental analogue photography, experimental and narrative animation. Short film ŠAKNYS // ROOTS is his debut short animation film.