Czech Republic
10 min.



Director | Diana Cam Van Nguyen
Script | Diana Cam Van Nguyen, Lukáš Janičík
Director of photography | Kryštof Melka
Editing | Lukáš Janičík
Sound | Viera Marinová
Composer | Viera Marinová
Production company | FAMU – Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague


This short film about life after the loss of a loved one deals with a difficult topic, using techniques of both live-action and animated film. Real experiences of the narrators are combined with animated sequences reconstructing painful situations, looking into the thoughts of three young people untimely exposed to death.


Diana Cam Van Nguyen was born in 1993 in Czech Republic. She took part in internships in Birmingham and Lyon and participated as artist in residence in Vienna MuseumQuartier. She is a student of Department of Animation Film in FAMU in Prague. Her bachelor film The Little One (2017) was screened at many festivals and won several awards.