Once and Again

Bosnia Herzegovina Switzerland
20 min.


Director | Lucas del Fresno
Script | Lucas del Fresno, Alma de Juan
Director of photography | Toni Vidal
Editing | Lucas del Fresno
Sound| Vuk Vukmanovic
Producers | Mersiha Halilovic, Lucas del Fresno, Nedim Karalic


Aída, goes to Milan’s house to help him with his noisy neighbors. Aída and Milan haven’t spoken to each other for a long time. After an argument she drives Milan to the bus station. But this simple trip will become a long one and she will discover other Milan that she didn’t know.


Lucas del Fresno was born in 1993 in the north of Spain. After finishing a degree in Communication Studies, he pursued his cinema studies in ESCAC (Spain) and the Sarajevo Film Academy (Bosnia and Herzegovina). Currently he is finishing his Masters Degree (ECAL/HEAD) in Switzerland.