15 min.

Director | Indrė Juškutė
Script | Indrė Juškutė
Director of photography | Laura Aliukonytė
Editing | Ignė Narbutaitė
Sound designer | Martynas Tamulis
Main actress | Angelina Daukaitė
Producers | Rūta Petronytė, Giedrė Burokaitė
Production company | Akis bado

A young woman arrested following a traffic accident is brought to the police station, where she has to spend the entire night. In a dark and cold basement, she encounters the indifference of the police – for them, she is just another criminal, someone they have to deal with daily. Intense emotions and internal confrontation with herself strongly affect the young woman. It is unclear how long she will remain under arrest.


About the director:

Indrė Juškutė graduated with a BA in Film Directing from the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre in 2018. Since then, she has been working as a director and director’s assistant on Lithuanian and international projects. When directing films, Juškutė’s main goal, working together with actors, is to convey authentic stories and human relationships as convincingly as possible. She believes that films should help us deal with universal human issues told through the personal perspective of the creator. The director resists the limits of the framework of genres, choosing film stylistics intuitively: according to what the story requires.

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