5 min.


Director | Eglė Mameniškytė
Script | Eglė Mameniškytė
Director of photography | Klementas Davidavičius
Editing | Klementas Davidavičius
Sound | Dominyka Adomaitytė
Composer | Dominyka Adomaitytė
Producer | Eglė Mameniškytė


Combing is a meditative act leading to contemplation and introspection. It is an animated self portrait sculpted in motion and time about memory and relationship with the other. Hair becomes a symbolic thread that connects past and present, memories and the current father – daughter relationship.


Lithuanian born director and animator Eglė Mameniškytė finished Skalvija Film Academy in 2014, where she started to make short films. She finished her animation studies and graduated from Vilnius Academy of Arts in June, 2019. Her debut animated film “My birth” was nominated as Best student film at the Silver Crane Awards in Lithuania.