10 min.


Director | Laurynas Bareiša
Script | Laurynas Bareiša
Director of photography | Laurynas Bareiša
Sound | Laurynas Bareiša
Producers | Klementina Remeikaitė, Marija Kavtaradzė
Production companies | LMTA, Afterschool


Last night two brothers kidnapped and raped a girl. Now its morning and both are at a loss at what to do next. They circle their hometown, visit familiar places and slowly descend into darkness both will be unable to climb out of. As night falls they find an inexplicable solution.


About the director:

Laurynas Bareiša (b. 1988, Lithuania) graduated in Applied Mathematics and Cinematography, and earned an MA in Film Directing (2016). He recently worked as cinematographer on the feature film “Summer Survivors” by Marija Kavtaradzė (Toronto IFF, Discovery 2018). He directed the short films “By the Pool” (Venice IFF, Orizzonti 2017) and “Caucasus” (Locarno FF, Leopards of Tomorrow 2018). His newest short film “Dummy” premiered at Berlinale Shorts 2020. Laurynas Bareiša’s debut feature film “Pilgrims” premiered at 78th Venice Film Festival where it won Orizzonti Award for Best Film.

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