14 min.


Director | Urtė Sabutytė
Script | Urtė Sabutytė
Director of photography | Ugnius Tuleikis
Editing | Jonas Juškaitis
Composer | Kipras Dominas
Main cast | Miglė Polikevičiūtė
Producer | Rūta Jakentaitė
Production company | Baltic Productions


Coming back home after a night out, a young woman decides to call a taxi and drives to the forest. The encounter with nature compels the woman to shed different parts of herself – her clothes, her emotions, her fatigue. At the same time, it evokes the feelings of newly found strength and peace.


About the director:

Urtė Sabutytė has a BA in Media Studies from the Vilnius Academy of Arts, and an MA in Cinema Arts from the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. Since her second short film “Šviesus rytojus” (Dead by Dawn), has premiered at the Scanorama film festival, Urtė started to experiment with elements of genre cinema, which became even stronger intertwined with her personal touch in her graduate movie “Apklausa” (Interrogation). In addition to her creative endeavours, Urtė frequently volunteers and works with different NGOs in the fields of culture and community.