Through Gloom

17 min.


Director | Arnas Balčiūnas
Script | Arnas Balčiūnas, Augustė Perstinevičiūtė
Director of photography | Milda Juodvalkytė
Editing | Antanas Skridaila
Sound design | Agatas Savickis
Composer | Simon Gimelstein
Main cast | Arvydas Dapšys, Ieva Kaniušaitė
Producer | Marija Kazlauskaitė
Production company | LMTA


A talkative taxi driver roams the nightly streets. An apathetic girl enters his car. The two don’t seem to connect, until she asks to make a stop with intent to cause harm. Does their shared trip even have a destination?


About the director:

Arnas Balčiūnas is a third year film directing student at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. In 2020 he graduated from „Skalvija“ film academy. His short film „Through Gloom“ is his first film in the festival circuit.