Noir Soleil

20 min.



Director | Marie Larrivé
Sript | Marie Larrivé
Editing | Vincent Tricon
Animators | Marion Auvin, Ambre Decruyenaere, Romane Granger, Cécile Ladaveze, Morgane Le Péchon, Lucas Malbrun, Jean Baptiste Peltier
Sound designer | Pierre Oberkampf
Composers | Maël Oudin, Pierre Oberkampf
Main cast | Marc Barbé, Clémence Quélennec, Olivia Corsini
Producers | Nicolas de Rosanbo, Céline Vanlint
Production company | Eddy Production


After an earthquake in Naples bay, the body of a man is found. The Italian police believe the man killed himself 40 years ago. They contact Dino and his daughter Victoria for a DNA test.
During this unexpected journey together, the young woman digs into her father’s mysterious past while Dino immerses himself unwillingly in the scenery of his childhood.


About the director:

Marie Larrivé is a painter and a director. After studying classical literature in hypokhâgnes and khâgnes, she studied at ENSAD Paris and developed a practice of both still and moving images. Trained in the techniques of stop motion model making, traditional animation and painting, she explores different types of narration.